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Paint Spraying Spindles


Loadpoint Bearings have a range of paint spraying spindles to suit all major original equipment manufacturers applications.

First introduced in 1983 Loadpoint Bearings paint sprayings pindles are subject to continuous development to meet the new and ever increasing demands of the automotive industry. 

All spindles are driven by axial flow air turbines which allows the use of higher paint flow rates and provides rapid speed recovery in response to paint overflow. Axial flow turbines also give rapid acceleration and braking to minimise downtime at changeovers. 

Spindle designs are robust. They feature a unique bearing suspension system designed to be tolerant of out of balance as below. Spindles are manufactured from durable materials to increase their crash resistance and minimise bearing surface damage in the event of air pressure failure. 

Spindles have been rigorously tested in robot applications and their robustness and durability proven in service. 

A range of spindle designs are available to cover speeds to a maximum of 100,000 rpm and bell sizes to a maximum of 70 mm diameter. 


Detailed specification to be provided per each model


To be provided per each model

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