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Grinding Spindles


Loadpoint Bearings offer air bearingsolutions to a variety of general industrial applications.
These include high speed bore grinding, semiconductor wafer grinding, mould grinding, tool grinding, graphite milling, work heads, pcb drilling and fibre rolling.
Loadpoint Bearings design and development experience places the company in a strong position to develop novel air bearing products for specific applications or simply to advise on the potential use of air bearings in new applications.
Standard spindles are available in a wide range of configurations. Drives are air turbines, AC or DC brushless motors with power levels from 300 Watts to 15kW. Associated spindle speeds range from 100 rpm to a maximum of 120 000 rpm. Work or tool holding includes collets, air or vacuum chucks manually or automatically operated.
High powered bore grinding spindles are a recent addition to the range. Optimised for dynamic stability using extensive computer modelling these spindles achieve 1.2 kW of useable power at speeds of up to 120000 rpm. 


Detailed specification to be provided per each model


To be provided per each model

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