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ADT 7900 Duo Series


As part of the growing market of the LED segment and the on going demand to lower the cost of production per unit (CoO), ADT has responded with a dual spindle system model 7900 Duo that double the productivity while maintaining the same current production floor space.The 7900 Duo system provides a perfect solution for applications that require a long cut cycle time such as image sensors and saw devices.
Further to the automatic vision and easy Graphic User Interface (GUI), ADT is offering a unique feature for processing and programming of broken wafers.



* Two facing spindles enable simultaneous dicing
* Low vibration platform
* Fast automatic alignment and cut positioning increase throughput
* Small footprint reduces cost of ownership
* Automatic Kerf inspection increase yield
* Automatic Y offset correction ensures maximum precision
* Tape surface detection ensures consistent cut quality
* Touch screen user interface


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