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Wet Scrubber for NH3


The microelectronic semiconductor industry often generates highly corrosive and hazardous fumes and particulates to the environment. Semiconductor tool exhaust can contain both the process feed gases and newly formed gases or particulates. Concern for the environment, environmental health, and increasing government regulations are encouraging the use of air pollution control systems for effluent gas discharge.   In this application,the proposed two-stage scrubber utilizes a jet venturi scrubber in conjunction with a counter-current packed column scrubber to mainly treat exhausted  Ammonia gas from MOCVD reactor.


Design flow rate:1000 LPM (60 CMH) (other specs are available)
Capability for NH3 removal: 400L/min(other specs are available)
Targeted pollutants: NH3
Air inlet: 6 venturis(other specs are available)
Overall footprint for the scrubber: ~ L1.0m x W1.0m x H1.8m  
Estd. Weight: Dry – 180kg;  Operating – 240kg


. Water make-up through solenoid valve is controlled by pH value automatically
. Recirculation pump pressure is monitored and protected by pressure switch 
. Scrubber internal accessible through access ports for viewing and cleaning
. Spray nozzles are accessible for cleaning and replacement
. Polypropylene body

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