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ALE- Metal/Emboss Roller Engraving


Embossing rollers are produced by various techniques in industry. ALE Emboss systems address all mainstream methods of production: - resist removal/imaging for acid etch or direct laser engraving of polymeric & metals or ceramics.
HERCULES EMBOSSING SYSTEMS: Using either CO2 laser technology and/or Fibre laser technology for direct 3D engraving of polymeric materials and resist imaging for acid etching process. 

MAESTRO SYSTEMS: ALE has developed the Maestro system for engraving into hard materials such as various metals & ceramics using short pulse laser technology.

LAMINAR: An engraving technique that enables customer's to engrave in layers & modify graphic content for specific layers providing added control on optical effects obtained in embossed products . Compatible with Hercules and Maestro systems. Advances in laser technology allow direct 3D engravings into various metals/ceramics. ALE 'Maestro' engraving technology targets direct metal engraving for tooling and master embossing rollers.

ALE OMNISCAN: ALE 3D depth-topography scanning system for scanning textured substrates. Depth data output as 16bit tiff data used for engraving emboss rollers. Omniscan available as stand alone dedicated drum scanner, flatbed scanning platform or retrofit to existing engraving systems.

Machine Type Herclues & Atlas
Roll Size(face) Up to 7 meters
Roll Size(diameter) 20 - 1200mm
Fiber laser option 50,100,200,500 watt
CO2 laser option 1-2×600 watt semi sealed
CO2 laser option 1-2×600 watt sealed
Resolution 1000dpi - 8000dpi

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