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O2 Analyzers
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  • TAI - 3000FC

    The Model 3000FC Trace Oxygen Analyzer can detect even the most minute presence of oxygen contamination in pure gases as well as in gas mixtures. The Model 3000FC is ideal for use in numerous industr...


  • XZR400 Series

    A range of trace oxygen analyzers utilizing Michell’s Metallic Sealed Reference Sensor (MSRS) technology. Designed to measure O2 as an impurity in pure inert gases such as N2, CO2, He, Ar and Kr. The...


  • Portable Oxygen Analyzer -3110

    The Model 3110 represents the new generation of portable trace and percent oxygen analysis capability. The 3110 combines a rugged, portable analyzer design with the high reliability of Teledyne trace ...


  • XGA301

    The XGA301 Industrial Gas Analyzer from Michell Instruments provides a convenient platform to measure oxygen, dew point and other gases such as CO2, CO and CH4. The analyzer can be supplied in one of ...


  • TAI - 3000TA-XL

    Teledyne’s Model 3000TA-XL is a precision, cost effective instrument specifically designed to measure trace oxygen in the 0-1 ppm region. Drawing on the solid performance of Teledyne’s highly succes...


  • TAI - 3000MB

    Teledyne’s Model 3000MB Paramagnetic Percent Oxygen Analyzer is a versatile, microprocessor based instrument specifically designed to detect oxygen in a variety of gases. The 3000MB is a precise, cos...


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